Branding & web design for faith-based businesses.

And we build it all in a matter of days instead of months!


Look legitimate


Feel confident


Get more business

Potential clients are sizing you up.
Your branding can bump you to the front of the line or kill opportunities before you even know they exist. But chances are, since you’re looking at my website, you’re not thrilled with where you’re at.

I get it. You’re great at what you do, but your branding doesn’t give that impression. You know people need your services, but they can’t see it (Brand message problem.) Your website and logo scream amateur(Brand image problem.) You need to raise your prices, but clients won’t pay what you’re worth (Brand positioning problem.)

Don’t let your branding hold you back.

When your branding is subpar, people think your business is subpar too.

I’ll help you create a brand that exceeds their expectations.

Excellence matters. As a faith-driven entrepreneur, God has asked you to build your business to the best of your ability. “Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men.” – Colossians 3:23


Look legitimate

Anything worth doing for Jesus is worth doing right. Faith-driven entrepreneurs should always be viewed as the obvious choice, not a second-rate option.

Feel confident

This is not “fake it until you make it.” This is true confidence, knowing God is with you and that you’re doing your very best to step into your calling.

Get more business

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. I’ll help you stand out, inspire trust and present your services so that clients choose you over your competitors.
Hi, I’m Nathan.
As a faith-driven entrepreneur myself, I know that you want to represent Christ well in the marketplace. You work hard, you’re honest, and you genuinely want to serve people to the best of your ability.

Your calling is too important to not put your best foot forward.

Why do I focus on helping faith-driven entrepreneurs? Learn more.

Services that I offer
This is not an exhaustive list of services but highlights my most common requests. I’m happy to talk through specific deliverables during a consultation.

Brand strategy

Discover what makes you unique and how to position yourself as the obvious choice in your customer’s mind.

Brand messaging

Clear communication matters. When you reach the right people with the right message, they will respond.

Visual Branding

I’ll create your logo, color palette, font pairings and a style guide so that you look sharp and are always on-brand.

Website design

Get a website you’re proud to show the world. It will load fast, be mobile-friendly, and communicate your value clearly 24/7.

Sales funnels

Pique your audience’s curiosity, enlighten them to the value of your services and close the deal. Oh, and automate the entire process.

Here’s how it works

This is the process I use 100% of the time. It’s been well tested and proven; I guarantee it will work for you.


Request a consultation

We’ll talk about your situation and goals. If we seem like a good fit, we’ll go to step two.


The brand deep dive

This step is all about uncovering who you are as a brand and a path forward. Learn more.


The brand ascension

Get the assets you need (logo, message, website, etc.) within a few days. Learn more.


Grow your business

Work with your ideal clients, increase sales + profitability, and watch word of mouth spread.

The brand deep dive

Everyone starts with The Brand Deep Dive workshop. Here’s why…

As my pastor would say, “If there’s mist in the pulpit, there’s fog in the pew!” This interview-style workshop is designed to give you (and me) maximum clarity about your brand so that we can communicate it to everyone else.

We’ll explore critical questions like what makes you unique? Who are your ideal clients? What  problem do you want to be known for solving? What does success look like for you and for them? How should you be positioned in the marketplace? What do you stand for, and why should clients care? Etc.

Then I’ll weave all of your answers into a clear, compelling message that has people begging to hear more.


* This cost gets applied to The Brand Ascension moving forward.

You need The Brand Deep Dive if…


You struggle to talk about your business and the value of your services.


You’re pivoting your business or have a new offering.


You know clients need what you sell, but they don’t see it.


You’re competing on price rather than expertise or quality.


You want your website and marketing materials to be compelling.


People can’t tell you apart from your competitors.

Our website was outdated and needed a complete overhaul. Nathan listened to us and did a brilliant job of writing the website content. Now our customers understand how we can solve their problems. We’ve had the site for two months and have already added $65,000 / year in new recurring revenue.

Greg Smart

Executive VP & COO,

Our marketing used to be all over the place. We didn’t have a clear plan, and our branding was unfocused. We were trying to do all of that ourselves, and it was causing me a lot of stress. With Anchor.Media I could finally concentrate on the work I enjoy, running the business. Plus, the positive feedback we got from customers, and other industry professionals felt fantastic.
Chris Masters
Building a website can feel pretty overwhelming. As soon as I spoke with Nathan at Anchor.Media I knew that it was going to be a smooth ride. Honestly, he felt more like a mentor than a service provider. He was professional, accessible, and always gave more than expected. Working with Anchor.Media has been a wonderful experience, and we nailed the website!
Marie-Pier Morin
Marketing Director,

The Brand Ascension

No matter which Brand Ascension package you choose, you’ll get more done in the short time we’re together than most businesses do in 6+ months. No endless emailing back and forth, no calendar full of meetings, no DIY headaches or expensive, ongoing retainer fees.

We’ll execute everything according to your company’s needs in 1-5 days (depending on the package you choose.) You’re probably wondering how that is possible. We do the bulk of the creative work ahead of time so that we make efficient use of your time to get feedback, make real-time edits, polish it all and launch your new brand.

Brand Ascension packages may include…


Brand identity, including logo, fonts, colors and style guide.

A website that is fast, gorgeous and funnels prospects towards a sale.
A marketing plan (StoryBrand sales funnel) that runs on autopilot.
Business cards, letterhead, envelope, sales sheets, and/ or pitch deck.

A brand photo shoot (headshots, product and/or service images.)

A brand video that highlights why your prospects should work with you.


1-day of your time, 10am-1pm & 2-6pm.

Perfect for clients who need the fundamentals. We’ll use the business strategy and brand messaging developed during your Brand Deep Dive to create a fully cohesive brand. Typically, that includes a logo, fonts, colors, and a website (design + content + copywriting + code). We also offer guidance around your service packages, sales process, and pricing so that you’re running a highly profitable business from the moment we work together.


* Previous payment from The Brand Deep Dive will be deducted from this price.


2-days of your time, 10am-1pm & 2-6pm.

Need higher level strategy, a larger or more creative website, and additional collateral? This package is for you. Get everything included at the Silver level and more. Additional collateral could be a sales sheet, pitch deck, lead generator, or sales funnel.

This is my most popular Brand Ascension package because it fulfills the needs of most Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs I meet.


* Previous payment from The Brand Deep Dive will be deducted from this price.


3-4 days of your time over 1 week,10am-1pm & 2-6pm.

This is only for people looking to play in the big leagues. You’re getting a complete rebrand with strategy, execution, and all the bells and whistles. May include a celebrity-style photo shoot, brand video, a larger website, and/ or a marketing campaign that will set you up for ongoing success.

The 3 days takes place over 1 week to allow time for shooting and editing.


* Previous payment from The Brand Deep Dive will be deducted from this price.

The Homepage Checklist

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