Case study


When I first met Dustin, his company was called Simple Success Coaching. He had cracked the code when it came to making podcast guesting profitable and was launching a group coaching program. But Dustin wanted to upgrade his branding and marketing materials to reflect the 7 figure revenue channel he helps his clients tap into.


We rebranded his business and launched it in time for his upcoming speaking engagements: new name, visual identity, website, and lead generator. Those foundational pieces are pouring fuel on the fire, helping Dustin to 10X his revenue and impact more lives.

Services provided:

Visual branding, Brand messaging, Website design & content, Lead generator, Video thumbnails, Email marketing set up.

I needed someone with a unique intersection of capabilities. I wanted someone who could give me clarity on the messaging, shared my faith, and was fast… By the end of that first kickoff session, I was committed to a brand name, and we had a tagline that just sings. I love it… I love my brand. I love all of the elements of it.

Dustin Riechmann, CEO – 7 Figure Leap


Rich Black




Indigo Dye


Atomic Tangerine


White Smoke