Why faith-driven entrepreneurs?

In the fall of 2011, my pastor asked if I would be willing to travel to the outskirts of Lima, Peru, and film some ministry efforts our church was supporting. We were part of a Compassion International pilot program and sponsored around 100 kids in a very poor area. My church offered to pay for the trip but wanted a video to show the rest of the congregation what the conditions were like and the ministry that was being done.

I said yes, not realizing how much that trip would shape the direction of my life moving forward.

When the time came, I boarded my flight and eagerly awaited whatever this short adventure would bring.

That week I filmed kids laughing, playing vacation bible schoolish games, and eating meals prepared by our ministry partners. One little girl, in particular, caught my eye; she had a bright yellow shirt (my favorite color) and a beautiful smile. The Holy Spirit must have prompted me to take notice because days later, I found out she was the child my wife and I had just started sponsoring (and still do!)

The flip side was filming the home conditions many of these kids lived in. No electric, or running water, dirt floors, and no bathroom except for a bucket that had to be carried away to be emptied. Most shared their living space with animals, and their roofs were made of shredded tarps or tin if they were lucky. Life was hard, yet each family would welcome me in, happy to share whatever they had.

That trip wrecked me in the best way possible. It opened my eyes and gave me purpose.

I thought I was signing up to “do some good” with my skillset (which was true), but I could easily make the case that I was blessed more. At any rate, God planted a seed in my heart, and it’s grown.

Now, I set aside 50% of my profit to do ministry in Lima, Peru.

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You may be wondering what a faith-driven entrepreneur is? I’d describe it as anyone who wants to live for Christ in the marketplace. You don’t have to sell Jesus fish keychains or give all your money away. But you must genuinely want to serve people and run your business with excellence in a way that honors God.

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I’m a former worship pastor and now serve on the worship team at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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