Case study


When I started working with Biovante, back in 2010, they were called GlobalChem; the only problem was they sold biological-based farming products rather than chemical-based. To complicate matters more, they were growing quickly and needed help from outside their organization to keep up with their marketing needs.


A complete overhaul of a rebrand. New name, new logos, new messaging, new website, new product packaging, and the list goes on and on. I’ve worked with Chris and the Biovante team for over 12 years to build a strong brand in the farming / ag industry.

Services provided:

Visual branding, Brand messaging, Website design & content, Lead generator, Product labels, Keynote presentations, Trade show booth design, Email marketing, Social media graphics, Motion graphics, Video production, Team photography, Magazine ads, Booklet and Flyer design.

Our marketing used to be all over the place. We didn’t have a clear plan, and our branding was unfocused. We were trying to do all of that ourselves, and it was causing me a lot of stress. With Anchor.Media I could finally concentrate on the work I enjoy, running the business. Plus, the positive feedback we got from customers, and other industry professionals felt fantastic.

Chris Masters, CEO – Biovante




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