Confidence creates its own ROI.

by | Feb 21, 2023

I love good design.

Like this watch, for example. Simple. Elegant. Classic.

Sometimes I just stop working and look at it for a minute or two. I admire the restraint and the choices. So good.

It tells time, but that’s not why I love it. That’s a bonus.

Anyway, I bring it up partly to share something of myself with you and partly to say ROI isn’t always measured in $$$.

It’s fine to spend money on something that makes you feel better. One of my favorite things about my business is watching how clients feel after I create their branding or website.

It’s a big level-up. Yes, it’s a tool that brings in more business but just as importantly, it’s a confidence booster. That’s a big deal when you constantly have to “put yourself out there.”

Food for thought.

PS. Shout out to my wife for getting me the watch!

PPS. Into watches? Get one for yourself or someone else.