How to increase your sales, profit and referrals.

by | Feb 21, 2023

Have you ever thought about updating your kitchen before? It’s an expensive, inconvenient process. And yet, people do it all the time.


Because we all want to enjoy a space we spend a ton of time in.

ROI is not just about making $$$. If you look deep enough, the ROI is a feeling we’re after.

Would a remodel increase your home value? Hopefully. — But the only reason a home buyer would spend the extra cash is because they value the feeling they get from that new kitchen more than the $$$.

The value is in the emotion.

Here’s the thing, when people talk about ROI in terms of money, it’s because they are trying to justify a decision they want to make, based on how they feel.

It’s not just about the money. Don’t focus on the money.

Regardless of what you sell, sell the emotion. When you learn to sell and deliver the feeling your clients want, you’ll:

1. Close more sales.
2. Be able to raise your prices.
3. Get more repeat business.
4. Bring in more referrals, etc.